Posted: November 30, 2020

Villagers will be aware of the Silent Soldier and Poppy Tableau that we put in place
at the top of the Rat Holes. It had been concreted into the ground by volunteers.
The silhouette was kindly made and donated by A1 Flue’s at Boughton. Many
thanks to all who donated their time and skills to create it.
During the night of the 13th / 14th November some mindless moron/s took it upon
themselves to cut it off at the base and steal it.
Showing no respect for our services and those who made the ultimate sacrifice in
protection of their freedoms.
Words fail us as to how the perpetrators could be so disrespectful and callous to
those whom it represents.
Any information that anyone can supply will be passed onto the authorities.
Alan Stanley Chairman.

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