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Richard Durrant 'Stringhenge' Tour, back by popular demand

Back by popular demand and in support of The Sherwood Forest Trust.
On Wednesday 26 September 2018 at St Mary's Church, Edwinstowe, Sherwood Forest. NG21 9QA. The show starts at 7.30pm. Tickets £15 / £5 for under 18's.

In his latest offering "˜STRINGHENGE" (double album releasing September 2018), Shoreham composer and guitar virtuoso Richard Durrant is once again living on the folk/classical cusp with the first of these two L.Ps featuring a collection of solo instrumentals.

For full details and ticket bookings please visit the website via the link below.

Channel 5 Filming in the Village

The site of King John's Palace and the village are the setting for a new programme being filmed for a few days from the 20th August 2018. It is described as a documentary on Archaeology and the History of the site and surrounding area. No title or transmission dates are available at present, as these have yet to be decided.

We have asked to be notified of these in order that we can pass them on to villagers.

Sky Lanterns and Helium Balloons

The Leisure and Environment Committee of Newark and Sherwood District Council recently considered a report on the impact on the environment and on animal health that the indiscriminate release of sky lanterns and helium balloons can cause. A copy of the report can be found via link below.

A report commissioned by the RSPCA which highlights the dangers of these products can also be viewed via the link below.

The committee resolved to prohibit the release of these items from its own land, and following a discussion by Kings Clipstone Parish Council at the 6th August meeting, the same has been unanimously agreed.

Recent Burglaries

It has been brought to the attention of the Parish Council that there have been 2 burglaries this month which have taken place in the day time, in different areas of Kings Clipstone.

The council reminds residents to remain vigilant and secure properties wherever possible.

Tree Pruning

The Parish Council have been pursuing the pruning of trees on Mansfield Road as an ongoing matter. Please find below the latest response received in relation to our request:

"Thank you for your request for pruning to be carried out at the above location.

Via East Midlands Ltd on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council is responsible for the management of all trees, hedges and shrubs growing within the adopted highway. Trees, hedges and shrubs are maintained to reduce the risk of harm to users of the highway users and neighbouring properties to a safe level.

As we receive many enquiries relating to pruning and vegetation, our teams work very hard to ensure that all requests are assessed in a standard way so that each one is given due consideration, and that decisions are fair and consistent. This ensures that all requests are treated equally and that work is carried out in locations where safety on the highway is the greatest concern.

To make sure trees within the public spaces and adjacent the roads are acceptably safe, we carry out a continual rolling highway tree survey. This means that all highway trees within Nottinghamshire are inspected and assessed by fully qualified tree inspectors on a regular basis. Any safety issues the inspectors find are addressed with appropriate works which are carried out on a priority based timescale.

We can confirm that in response to your enquiry, an inspection has been carried out and a report has been made recommending that pruning works be carried out within this financial year.

We trust that this information will be of assistance to you."

A New Heart for the Village

The council have received a letter from a resident and we’d like to share it with you:

"I find it quite sad that it's taken a very one-sided, unfair and ill-informed article in a local newspaper to finally grab peoples' interest in a topic that has been discussed at many council meetings over many months.

The report seemingly gives only one parishioner's personal view about this matter - nowhere in it does it mention what might be good for the village.

This community has had many 'hearts' in its time; the chapel - now gone, it’s a house, the school - now gone, also a house, and a pub - now gone for the time being. A project like this would give it a new heart and in the process, enable villagers to get involved with it and with each other. "

Conclusion of Audit

The Parish Council’s accounts have been successfully audited, and a notice of conclusion of audit is available to view via the link below.

Playing Field Purchase

At the Kings Clipstone Parish Council Meeting on 10th May 2017, it was RESOLVED by the members of the council to seek the approval of the Secretary of State for Communities to apply for a Public Works Loan Board loan of £65,000 over 25 years for the purchase of land. The annual loan repayments will come to up to an estimated £4,300 a year. The council would like to seek your views and opinions on this matter.

New Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre

Woodhead Construction begin work on the east side of the site (east of Swinecote Road) on Tuesday 2nd May. Works will comprise a new access road, car parking bays, a coach parking area and the hardstanding for the fairground.

Read the full story on our dedicated page via the link below.

Shale Wealth Fund - Government Consultation

On 8th August 2016 the Government launched a consultation seeking views on the delivery method and priorities of the Shale Wealth Fund. This includes the potential option for payments to be made directly to households affected by shale gas developments.

The Government is keen to hear directly from individuals or from organisations, such as charities, businesses, local authorities and community groups.

A copy of the consultation document, which includes a number of questions, can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Nottinghamshire County Council - Fly Grazing Consultation

Nottinghamshire County Council have released a consultation copy for guidance for the management of illegally placed horses, also known as fly grazing.

Please click the link below to view the consultation document.

Newark & Sherwood Planning Policy Review

Newark & Sherwood District Council have released their planning policy review.

Please click the link below to download the review document.

Proposed King’s Clipstone Parish Council Business Working Party

Purpose of the working party would be to reach out and engage all existing businesses and organisations small, medium and large within the boundaries of the King’s Clipstone Parish.

To act as a conduit between the Parish Council, District Council, and County Council allowing the Parish Council to be fully informed of any future developments within its Boundary.

For full details click the link below.

Nottinghamshire County Council Recycling Centre Service Changes 2016

From the 1st April 2016 Nottinghamshire County Council will be introducing a number of changes to the Recycling Centre Service, including implementing a registration scheme for residents wishing to use the network of 12 sites in the County.

You can register for free now at or call 0300 500 80 80. Registration is only open to Nottinghamshire residents (excluding Nottingham City).

For full details or to register click the links below.

Natural England Launches Hedgerows and Boundaries Grant

Grants are available for farmers and other land managers in England to help provide environmental benefits on their land, such as the restoration of hedgerows, boundary fences, dry stone walls, stone-faced banks.

The new Hedgerows and Boundaries Grant is a standalone capital fund under Natural England's Countryside Stewardship Programme. Farmers and other land managers are invited to apply for financial assistance to help provide environmental benefits on their land.

For full details visit the government link below.

King's Clipstone Neighbourhood Plan

The Parish Council is looking for expressions of interest from anyone wishing to be involved in the King's Clipstone Neighbourhood Plan.

Please email with your details and any information you feel would be relevant to the Clerk via the button below.

Better Broadband For Nottinghamshire

Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire is a multi-million pound partnership between the County Council and a range of funding partners including BT, Central Government and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), which is set to transform broadband speeds across Nottinghamshire.

As a result of the programme, 95% of Nottinghamshire's premises are expected to be able to access a fibre network, capable of delivering superfast broadband, by March 2016. It is also intended that all Nottinghamshire premises will be able to access a minimum broadband speed of at least 2Mbps by the end of 2016.

For full details visit the NCC website via the link below.

Shed Break In

There has been a very recent break into a shed with theft of garden equipment in the village. Please ensure you lock your shed, garage and keep entrances to gardens secure.

For some helpful advice on securing your shed click the website link below for the Nottinghamshire Police guide.

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