Neighbourhood Plan

Probably the most important document ever for the future of our village.

Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Result

The result of the Neighbourhood plan referendum is now available and can be downloaded Here >>>.

Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

Forget about Brexit for a moment. You will have or be about to receive voting cards for the Neighbourhood Plan Referendum. This is the most important referendum for our village.

In the consultations with villagers going on for some years. We asked you what you wanted and distilled it into a formal document called ‘ A Neighbourhood Plan.’ (referred to as NP)

The Neighbourhood Plan itself is a 64 Page very comprehensive document. Its format and length are to enable it to pass the necessary steps for it to be put to the Referendum. We have done a precis of the main points below.

Our Neighbourhood Plan (NP) Referendum takes place on 31st January 2019. Details of how to cast your vote will be on the notice you receive.

The Referendum question is simple :-

‘Do you want Newark and Sherwood District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Kings Clipstone to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?’

You will make your own minds up about this but this is what a neighbourhood plan is all about.

A ‘Yes’ vote is voting to give Kings Clipstone residents a greater say in the future of our village. Only by a majority vote of ‘Yes’ will our N.P. be adopted. It’s your village and your future. Your vote counts.

Full details of the plan are available on our Neighbourhood Plan Page.

On Newark and Sherwood Web Site at

A hard copy can be viewed at the NSDC Offices or we will loan you a hard copy of the document if you contact us via our Clerk at :-

If you do not have internet access then ring 07889 608710 Councillor Stanley and we will do our best to get a copy to you or answer your questions

The main points of the plan can be viewed Here >>>

We have now passed all stages of the Plan Examination and it has been approved for a Referendum. This is handled in its entirety by Newark and Sherwood District Council and they have informed us it will be held on the 31st January 2019.

The question to be asked is:

‘Do you want Newark and Sherwood District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Kings Clipstone to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?’

People entitled to vote will be receiving their cards or postal votes from N.S.D.C. as normal.

All the relevant documents and information can be found on N.S.D.C. web site at:

Paper copies of the specified Documents are also available to view at Castle House, Great North Road, Newark NG24 1BY - Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

We have also placed copies of the relevant documents on this site and The Parish Council will have available hard copies of the documents which we can provide for people without internet access.

  1. Notice of Referendum
  2. Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Information Statement
  3. General Information about Neighbourhood Planning and the Referendum
  4. Summary of representations submitted to the independent examiner
  5. Compliance statement
  6. Neighbourhood Plan - Referendum Version

Neighbourhood Plan Documents Submitted

We have now reached the stage where our plan and documents are to be submitted to Newark and Sherwood District Council. The links will take you to the latest version of the Plan as submitted.

This will enable Newark and Sherwood to start their formal examination processes and those of the Independent Examiner.

  1. Representation Form
  2. Regulation 16 Notification
  3. Submitted Neighbourhood Plan
  4. Notification Letter
  5. Basic Condition Statement
  6. Neighbourhood Plan
  7. Design Guide
  8. Projects and Initiatives
  9. Consultation Statement

The consultation period has now finished.

Put Simply the Localism Act 2011 (c. 20) is an Act of Parliament that changes the powers of local government in England. The aim of the act is to facilitate the devolution of decision-making powers from central government control to individuals and communities.

To enable this to happen a ‘NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN’ has to be developed and signed off by following a set of procedures outlined within the act. Once approved the Plan has to be considered and taken into account by all decision makers. This is not just Planning applications but any decision made that reflects on items approved in the Plan. It is funded by Government Grants at no cost to the residents of the Parish.

Following consultations with residents and businesses across the Parish, the feedback was collated, your Parish Council with our Consultants, and ably assisted by a steering group has been preparing your ‘NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN’. We have now reached the stage of publishing the ‘DRAFT PLAN’. This has been professionally printed and we are pleased to inform you that having been viewed by Newark and Sherwood District Council. They have given us the green light to go to the next stage.

This takes the form of a ‘STATUTORY CONSULTATION’. This consultation will give everyone in the Parish a chance to give their views on the DRAFT PLAN to date. There will be a set period of 6 weeks minimum (may be extended if required) when this takes place. A start date for this STATUTORY CONSULTATION has not yet been fixed but we are working hard towards it being in September 2017. As part of this consultation the ‘DRAFT PLAN’ is to be published on the Parish Web Site. As these documents already exist the decision was taken at the Parish Council meeting on Wednesday 14th June 2017 to publish then immediately I.e. before the STATUTORY CONSULTATION commences on the web site.

During this ‘STATUTORY CONSULTATION’ it is the intention that every resident / business will be contacted and given a chance to comment. Those that do not have, or do not wish to view it on line will have access to a hard copy of the DRAFT PLAN. The mechanics of this are still being refined. As part of the consultation we have to prepare an accompanying document to record your comments. The Parish Council have been advised that this is best done in the Yes/No format to enable the results to be collated. This will be on the web site as well as hard copies available.
Each and every step will ultimately be subject to examination by an independent body. This is a legal document and it’s important we get it right. It has to pass both Newark and Sherwood District Council and the Independent Examiner.

Please take the time to read the ‘DRAFT PLAN’ It is in three parts. An awful lot of time and effort has gone into preparing them.

  1. Pre Submission Neighbourhood Plan
  2. Kings Clipstone Design Guide
  3. Kings Clipstone Projects and Initiatives.

Remember this document will give our Parish a say on what happens in the future.

Be aware these are draft documents only and we will be canvasing your responses during the ‘STATUTORY CONSULTATION’ This will enable us to refine the PLAN taking into account your views before presenting a formal document for examination.

NB. One error in the DRAFT PLAN is that the ‘Playing field’ on Squires lane is described at one point as ‘outside the village envelope’ When it is plainly not outside it. This is a proof reading error and will be corrected on the next print run.

The Parish Council are more than happy to receive your comments, good or bad, prior to the ‘STATUTORY CONSULTATION’ but pleased be assured you will be given the fullest opportunity during this set period. It would be appreciated if such comments were restricted to actual content and concepts. We are not asking for a debate on whether sentence ‘x’ should have one or two commas.

Thank you.
On Behalf of the NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN working group.
Alan Stanley.
Parish Councillor.

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