Draft Meeting Minutes 12 November 2018

Draft Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Kings Clipstone Parish Council held on Monday 12th November 2018 at 7.00pm in the Council Chambers, Edwinstowe Village Hall, Mansfield Road, Edwinstowe.

Present: Cllr P Bromley, Cllr L Shaw-Browne, Cllr A Stanley, Cllr Peck (NCCC), Cllr M Smith (from min ref 19/100/viii)

In attendance: Frances Ford, Clerk, 4 members of the public

Apologies: Cllr Brooks (NSDC), Cllr Peacock (NSDC), Cllr Bradley, Cllr A Dunn, Cllr C Hunt

19/090 Welcome

Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.

18/091 Apologies for Absence

Reasons were approved unanimously.

19/092 Declarations of Interest in Items on the Agenda

There were none.

19/093 Approval of minutes of the meeting held on Monday 8th October 2018

The minutes were unanimously approved and signed by the Chair.

19/094 County Councillors Report

C/Cllr Peck informed the council that the reduced speed limit signs are due to go up on Gorsethorpe Lane, however this could take until March. The reduction in speed limit from Kings Clipstone to Clipstone is included in the draft program for highways for next year. There is also resurfacing planned for next year for Mansfield road in Clipstone Village.

There has been a proposal to abolish the 7 district councils and have one solitary authority that deals with County and District Council. There will be a policy committee to discuss various options, including splitting the county in different ways, a unitary authority, or leaving as is, and the decision would need to go to the secretary of state for backing.

19/095 District Councillors Report

No District Councillors Present.

19/096 Parish Councillors Report

Cllr Stanley informed the council that the Autumn newsletter has been delivered.

Cllr Bromley informed the council that he has been in touch with Severn Trent Water and Environmental Health regarding the drainage smell at the entrance to Archway Road, that is coming from Sherwood Pines. He is due to get an update this week.

19/097 Correspondence from Residents

None received.

19/098 Questions/statements from members of the public (15 minutes)

A resident reported that the lamppost at the end of Squires Lane that was leaning has now been fully removed.

A resident requested that there be a lamppost put in between Squires Croft and the playing field, as no lights are currently in place. Clerk to query with VIA whether this is possible.

19/099 Planning Matters

There were none.

19/100 Agenda Items

  1. Refurbishment and upgrade of Village Shed
    Cllr Bromley has requested quotes for electric, water and drain connections for the village shed. These are expected to take a couple of months to receive.
  2. Playing field plans – play equipment/benches
    A discussion took place regarding possible grants that might be available for play equipment, and the Clerk is to contact Kirton Parish Council to see who provided their play equipment.
  3. Neighbourhood Plan update
    The Neighbourhood Plan has been reviewed by the inspector, and has been recommended to proceed to referendum, subject to minor editorial amendments. It was unanimously approved to support the recommendation, and the referendum is due to be in January 2019.
  4. Poppies for remembrance day
    A discussion took place regarding the number of lamppost poppies needed for next year, as the councillors would like to purchase more.
    It was agreed unanimously to purchase an additional 50 at a cost of £3 each, and also to find out the cost and availability of two silent soldiers for next year.
  5. Christmas Tree & Lights
    Cllr Bromley proposed the council purchase new lights for the Christmas tree at an estimated cost of £200. This year the parish is to have two Christmas trees, one outside the Dog and Duck, and one on the banking opposite the King John’s Palace as per previous years.
    Christmas trees have been kindly donated to the Parish by Forest Holidays and Cllr Bradley.
    It was unanimously approved to purchase the extra lights needed for the tree.
  6. Meeting dates for 2019
    The meeting dates for 2019 were agreed, and these can be found on the Parish website.
  7. Debit Card for the Council
    The Clerk requested a debit card for the council to save the need for reimbursements in future. The request was unanimously approved.
  8. Casual Vacancy
    Both applicants presented their reasons for wanting to become a Parish Councillor, and following the presentations a discussion took place (the public and applicants were asked to leave the room) on the merits of the applications, and subsequently an invitation was made to Matthew Smith to join as a Councillor.
  9. Containers on the Meadow
    Postponed due to absence of Cllr Brooks.
  10. Purchase of items for the council by Friends of Kings Clipstone
    Postponed due to absence of Cllr Hunt.

19/101 Accounts for Payment

The following items were approved unanimously, and payments will be made by online banking:

  1. Clerk’s pay for October
  2. HMRC - Tax on Clerk's wages
  3. Clerk - Reimbursement of printing - £17.00

19/102 Date of Next Meeting

The next ordinary meeting will be held Monday 14th January 2019 at 7.00pm.

The Chairman thanked all those present for their attendance, and closed the meeting at 8.09pm.

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