Meeting Minutes 12 February 2018

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Kings Clipstone Parish Council held on Monday 12th February 2018 at 7.00pm in the Council Chambers, Edwinstowe Village Hall, Mansfield Road, Edwinstowe.

Present: Cllr P Bromley, Cllr A Stanley, Cllr M Bradley, Cllr L Shaw-Browne, Cllr C Hunt, Cllr A Dunn, C/Cllr J Peck

In attendance: Frances Ford, Clerk, 1 member of the public

Apologies: D/Cllr Brooks, D/Cllr Peacock

18/112 Welcome

The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.

18/113 Apologies for Absence

Reasons were approved unanimously.

18/114 Declarations of Interest in Items on the Agenda

There were none.

18/115 Approval of minutes of the meeting held on Monday 4th December 2017

The minutes were unanimously approved and signed by the Chair.

18/116 County Councillors Report

C/Cllr Peck informed the council that the County Council would be setting budgets later this month. There is due to be a council tax rise to alleviate the cost of the rise in adult social care.
The outcome of the bids for the East Midlands Rail franchise and whether the extension of the Robin hood Line has been included are unknown at present.
The B6030 through Clipstone has many potholes, which have been reported. C/Cllr Peck is pressing for further resurfacing of the B6030 through Clipstone Village.

18/117 District Councillors Report

No District Councillors present.

18/118 Parish Councillors Report

Cllr Dunn had received land registry documents for the Playing Field delivered to Edwinstowe Village Hall.
Cllr Bromley reported a blockage of the River Maun. This was investigated however the blockage has moved further downstream.
Cllr Hunt said it was nice to see litter pickers around Kings Clipstone thank you to D/Cllr Peacock and Jill Ridge for organising this.
Cllr Bradley reported standing water on the B6030 (between Rat Holes and the Cavendish Park roundabout) caused by a leak from a Severn Trent water supply. This has previously been reported to STW but it is not a financially viable option for them to repair it. Cllr Peck to report to NCC Highways.

18/119 Correspondence from Residents

None received.

18/120 Questions/statements from members of the public (15 minutes)

A resident queried whether the lamppost at the end of Squires Lane could be seen to. The leaning lamppost is still there and working, and the new replacement one is not. The Clerk is to look into this.

18/121 Planning Matters

There were none.

18/122 Agenda Items

  1. Neighbourhood Plan Update
    Cllr Stanley advised that the planning consultant’s fees for the next stage of (to complete) the plan would be £3000-£4000. The council are eligible to apply for more funding from mid-March to cover these fees, however agreed that the plan should be concluded as soon as possible. Cllr Stanley proposed that the fees are paid now pre-funding, which was seconded by Cllr Shaw-Browne and unanimously approved. Fees will be paid from council reserves now and reimbursed by funding later.
    The council need to agree a list of heritage assets and include this in the neighbourhood plan. The clerk is to query the process in relation to this. Cllr Bradley and Cllr Hunt agreed to work on this project.
    The foreword of the Neighbourhood Plan needs to be written.
  2. Playing field update
    Cllr Bromley shared plans with the council showing where current electricity and water supplies are nearby the Playing Field.
  3. Feasibility of Village Hall
    Cllr Bromley advised that draft drawings of the potential Village Hall and Playing Field are estimated to cost between £125 and £175. These drawings would help the council to formulate a proposal to be used for a consultation with residents. Cllr Stanley proposed that the cost of the drawings be approved, and Cllr Hunt seconded this. The decision was unanimously approved.
    The councillors discussed that they would like a Village Hall to be a community project, and suggested that a feasibility group be formulated with councillors and residents to discuss possibilities for such a project.
    Cllr Bromley and the Clerk are to explore potential funding opportunities for the project.
  4. Council address & post box
    This matter was not discussed as it was agreed that a post box may not be needed if a village hall is erected on the playing field.
  5. Grass cutting & Spring Bulbs
    Cllr Stanley queried when the first grass cutting of the year would be due to spring bulbs planted and due to flower any time now. The clerk is to make enquiries to prevent plants being mowed down.
  6. Donation to Edwinstowe Parish Council for Tables & Chairs
    The council have received a gift of tables and chairs from Edwinstowe Parish Council. Cllr Hunt proposed a donation to Edwinstowe Parish Council of £100, seconded by Cllr Bradley and approved by all apart from Cllr Dunn who abstained from the vote due to interest in Edwinstowe Parish Council.
  7. Dog & Duck
    Work continues to take place on the Dog & Duck, and they hope to be open in April.
  8. Casual Vacancy
    No applications received.

18/123 Accounts for Payment

The following items were approved unanimously, and payments will be made by online banking:

  1. Clerk’s pay for January
  2. Clerk reimbursement of book of stamps £7.80
  3. Clerk reimbursement of pack of paper £6.12

18/124 Date of Next Meeting

There will be an ordinary meeting held on Monday 19th February 2018 at 2.00pm at Edwinstowe Village Hall to discuss financial matters including formal approval of 2018/19 precept.

The next normal meeting will be Monday 12th March 2018 at 7.00pm.

The Chairman thanked all those present for their attendance, and closed the meeting at 8.20pm.

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