Draft Annual Meeting Minutes 10 September 2018

Draft Minutes of the annual meeting of Kings Clipstone Parish Council held on Monday 10th September 2018 at 7.00pm in the Council Chambers, Edwinstowe Village Hall, Mansfield Road, Edwinstowe.

Present: Cllr P Bromley, Cllr A Dunn, Cllr C Hunt, Cllr L Shaw-Browne

In attendance: Frances Ford, Clerk, 2 members of the public

Apologies: Cllr Peck (NCCC), Cllr Brooks (NSDC), Cllr Peacock (NSDC), Cllr A Stanley, Cllr Bradley

19/064 Welcome

Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.

18/065 Apologies for Absence

Reasons were approved unanimously.

19/066 Declarations of Interest in Items on the Agenda

Cllr Dunn expressed a non-pecuniary interest in item 19/073.

19/067 Approval of minutes of the meeting held on Monday 6th August 2018

The minutes were unanimously approved by all present at the last meeting and signed by the Chair.

19/068 County Councillors Report

No County Councillor present.

19/069 District Councillors Report

No District Councillors Present.

19/070 Parish Councillors Report

Cllr Bromley reported drainage problems at the bottom of Gorsethorpe Lane near the lamp column.
Clerk to report to Nottinghamshire County Council.

Cllr Hunt reported hearing complaints about the Parish Council, and stated that it would be nice for residents to come to meetings to raise any issues that they have, so that the council may help.

Cllr Bromley received communication from a resident regarding right of access across their property. It was concluded that this is not a Parish Council issue and referred to the District Council.

Cllr Bromley had been asked by a resident whether they may use part of the field to park their vehicles in return for a donation to the council. It was agreed that the residents should write in to the council so that their request can be fully considered.

19/071 Correspondence from Residents

None received.

19/072 Questions/statements from members of the public (15 minutes)

Karl Beresford who is Chairman of Kings Clipstone Parish Council attended the meeting to explain the possible opportunities of working with Clipstone Village on certain projects, such as grass cutting, litter picking as Clipstone have a workforce to do this.

A resident queried why caravans were parked on the fields over the weekend preceding the meeting, which was due to a Pointer Rescue show which took place.

19/073 Planning Matters

18/01563/FUL | 2 Forestry Holdings, Kings Clipstone | Proposed removal of existing timber storage building and erection of holiday lodge
It was agreed that the neighbourhood plan should be adopted before the council can make appropriate comment on the above application, due the possibility of revised policies after inspection. The council requested that the decision is held over until such time.

The minutes were unanimously approved by all other councillors present at the last meeting and signed by the Chair.

19/074 Agenda Items

  1. Refurbishment and upgrade of Village Shed
    Cllr Bromley requested approval to obtain quotes for water, drains and electricity to the timber building on the playing field, in addition to looking into building a storage unit and toilet block. The request was unanimously approved.

    It was agreed that a working party should be formed to get the timber building to the point of being able to be used as a meeting place.
  2. Neighbourhood Plan Update
    Cllr Bromley advised that the final amended plan has now been submitted for inspection. The next round of consultation will run from the 29th August to 12th October. Copies of the plan are now available to view in local libraries and online on the Parish Council website.
  3. Autumn Newsletter
    It was agreed that the planned newsletter will ask for volunteers for the working group required for the village shed.
  4. Casual Vacancy
    No applications received.
  5. Sherwood Pines Summer concerts 2018
    The Parish Council received complaints from a number of residents this year following the Sherwood Pines Concerts in June. Parking was a problem again this year on all residential streets in Kings Clipstone, as were drop offs and pick ups happening on the Main Road rather than in the designated zones in the Forest Park. Taxis were also using School Lane which is a private road to try and avoid traffic.
    The Parish Council had contacted Sherwood Pines in advance of the concerts to try and prevent this happening, and they had provided some barriers and signs. Sherwood Pines were contacted again over the weekend of the concerts and it was arranged for further barriers to be placed on School Lane.
    This matter was discussed and it was unanimously approved to write to the Forestry Commission and the Licensing Department of Newark and Sherwood District Council to highlight the issues.
  6. Containers on the Meadow
    Cllr Dunn to query progress with D/Cllr Brooks.
  7. Traffic Survey
    The previous traffic survey data was received by the council from Via East Midlands and it was found that traffic had doubled on the B6030 between 2012 and 2016.
    The Council received communication from VIA East Midlands regarding the reduction of speed limit on Gorsethorpe Lane being proposed soon.
    The council agreed to write to John Peck and request that the speed limit on the B6030 be reduced to allow litter picking and work on the road.
  8. Chinese Lanterns
    The Leisure and Environment Committee of the district council recently considered a report on the impact on the environment and on animal health that the indiscriminate release of sky lanterns and helium balloons can cause. The committee resolved to prohibit the release of these items from its own land but also resolved that Parish and Town Councils should be asked to adopt a similar policy.

    A discussion took place regarding the above, and it was unanimously agreed to prohibit release of lanterns or helium balloons in Kings Clipstone.
  9. Dog & Duck
    The Council have been informed that the pub is in its final stages and should be open at the end of the month.
  10. Bench for Archway Road
    The Clerk had queried whether VIA would replace the broken bench on Archway road and awaits a response. The estimated cost of a new bench is £600. Cllr Hunt mentioned that Friends of Kings Clipstone are closing and may use the remainder of the funds held to purchase an item for the village, and a bench may be appropriate. To be discussed further at the next meeting.
  11. NALC AGM
    Cllr Shaw-Browne and Cllr Bromley may attend the NALC AGM on 14th November 2018. The decision is to be confirmed.

19/075 Accounts for Payment

The following items were approved unanimously, and payments will be made by online banking:

  1. Clerk’s pay for August

19/076 Date of Next Meeting

The next ordinary meeting will be held Monday 8th October 2018 at 7.00pm.

The Chairman thanked all those present for their attendance, and closed the meeting at 8.15pm.

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