Meeting Minutes 18 September 2017

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Kings Clipstone Parish Council held on Monday 18th September 2017 at 7.00pm in the Council Chambers, Edwinstowe Village Hall, Mansfield Road, Edwinstowe.

Present: Cllr M Bradley, Cllr A Dunn, Cllr P Bromley, Cllr C Hunt, Cllr A Stanley, Cllr Peck (NCCC), D/Cllr Brooks

In attendance: Frances Ford, Clerk, 2 members of the public, Nathan Goodyear from Camping in the Forest and Tim Williams from Concept Town Planning

Apologies: Cllr J Govan (Chairman) – No apology received, D/Cllr Peacock

As the chairman was not present, the Clerk asked for a chair to be elected for the meeting. Cllr Stanley proposed Cllr Bromley as chairman and Cllr Hunt seconded. Approved unanimously

18/042 Welcome

Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed everyone, including two visitors; Nathan Goodyear from Camping in the Forest and Tim Williams from Concept Town Planning.

18/043 Apologies for Absence

No apologies were received from the Chairman.

18/044 Declarations of Interest in Items on the Agenda

There were none.

18/045 Approval of minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 10th August 2017

The minutes were unanimously approved and signed by the Chair.

18/046 Questions/statements from members of the public (15 minutes)

A resident reported that manholes weren’t raised on Squires Lane as part of the resurfacing work, which has caused the lane to be very bumpy.

RESOLVED:- Clerk to report to Cllr Peck.

A resident requested that double yellow lines are put on the road at the corner of their property as they struggle to see out of their drive due to parking.

RESOLVED:- The council concluded that this is not possible.

A resident reported speeding in the village and requested a reduction in the speed limit down from 30mph to 20mph on Squires Lane.

RESOLVED:- The Council are unable to do this as the County Council will only reduce speed limits down to that level near schools etc.

A resident requested that the double yellow lines next to School Lane be repainted.

RESOLVED:- Clerk to report to Cllr Peck.

A resident reported disappointment following one resident’s view of the parish being published in the local newspaper, she said:

"I find it quite sad that it's taken a very one-sided, unfair and ill-informed article in a local newspaper to finally grab peoples' interest in a topic that has been discussed at many council meetings over many months.

The report seemingly gives only one parishioner's personal view about this matter - nowhere in it does it mention what might be good for the village.

This community has had many 'hearts' in its time; the chapel - now gone, it’s a house, the school - now gone, also a house, and a pub - now gone for the time being. A project like this would give it a new heart and in the process, enable villagers to get involved with it and with each other."

18/047 County Councillors Report

C/Cllr Peck spoke about the successful resurfacing of Squires Lane. There is a proposal to extend the Robin Hood line from Warsop towards Edwinstowe and Ollerton, which is currently in consultation. The closing date for the consultation is the 11th October, and Cllr Peck encouraged the council, and individuals, to support the plans.

18/048 District Councillors Report

District Cllr Brooks mentioned that there is the wildlife and woodland trust to consider for planning. She said that the playing field project would come under homes and communities, and offered her support to the council for any future community projects.

18/049 Parish Councillors Report

A councillor raised concerns regarding the lack of footpath between Sherwood Pines and the rest of Kings Clipstone. The Clerk is to arrange a meeting with the Forestry Commission to try and find a way forward with this issue, as Highways have said it is unlikely to be possible.

A councillor showed their appreciation of the roadworks on Squires Lane. A thank you is to go to C/Cllr John Peck for the roadworks, and also to VIA East Midlands for their work.

A councillor reported that the Dog & Duck is currently being renovated and plans to open later this year.

18/050 Planning Matters

17/01049/FULM Land Adjacent Forestry Holdings Kings Clipstone Edwinstowe NG21 9JL
Camping, glamping and touring park for 200 pitches, comprising 96 hard stone caravan pitches, 20 glamping pitches, 28 glamping pods and grass pitches for touring caravans and conventional camping together with associated buildings and infrastructure.

Tim Williams from Concept Town Planners and Nathan Goodyear from Camping in the Forest attended the meeting to answer the council’s queries on the planning matter.

The council queried the impact on traffic through the village from the new site. A survey was done in the Summer time (expected to be peak season) and they expect that an extra 500 cars at the weekend, and 200 in the week will come to the site, declining in the Winter. There was not enough traffic expected to have an impact on air pollution. Arrivals and departures are intended to be staggered from the site.

The council expressed concerns regarding the amount of traffic coming through Kings Clipstone, including construction traffic, rather than approaching via the 614 to the site.
Concerns were also expressed regarding caravans and cars that get lost coming to the site, resulting in caravans down Squires Lane and Forestry Holdings that can’t turn round.
Camping in the Forest may be able to add notes to their literature with preferred entry routes. The council will add this as a comment on the planning application.

The council queried the level of noise that might come from the site. The site is not expected to be noisy, however there will be a ‘barrier’ of 2m high planting between Forestry Holdings and the boundary of the site. Environmental Health raised no issues surrounding noise.

The council queried the impact on the sewage system through Kings Clipstone. The site’s sewers will join on to the main drains and sewers, however it has been checked that the systems are designed to cater for the demand anticipated.

A councillor queried the security of the site. The boundaries of the site are to be hedged with thorny type plants to act as a physical barrier, although there will be no fence. There will be bike storage and facilities to lock up. The campsite will be manned.

Work on the site is due to start as soon as possible, and open May/June of 2018. They anticipate 5-6 months of construction, however there are not a lot of buildings as such. Camping in the Forest will liaise with the community prior to the opening.

Nathan Goodyear said that Camping in the Forest specialise in campsites that are designed to be part of the community. There is the possibility of selling local produce in the onsite shop. The company is part of the Caravan Club and is a not for profit organization.

The council unanimously approved the planning application, with the following comments;

  • The council are concerned about more vehicles, particularly caravans coming through the village, and would like it to be clear on all information for the site that the A614 should be the route used to access the site, both by construction traffic and users of the site once open.
  • No construction traffic signs to be erected in the village during the construction phase
  • The council are concerned that there is not currently a path from the site down into the village, so users of the site would not be able to safely walk down to the Dog and Duck pub, or anywhere further into the village from the site. The council suggest that a path and lighting are put in from the site / entrance of Sherwood pines to join with the existing bridleway that joins the Dog and Duck with Vicar Water Country Park.
  • The council are concerned about traffic heading for the campsite mistakenly going down Forestry Holdings and being unable to turn around – we feel that a sign at the end of Forestry Holdings saying no access to the site would be appropriate.

18/051 Agenda Items

  1. Neighborhood Plan Update
    Cllr Stanley has developed a questionnaire with the help of Planning With People for the consultation. The start date of the consultation period will be the 1st October and the end date 13th October 2017. Consultation days will be held on Sunday 8th October and Sunday 15th October in the tin tabernacle on the King John’s Palace field. A circular including information about the days will be sent. The survey will also be placed online.
  2. Playing Field Update
    Repayment options for the loan were discussed. The council unanimously approved the clerk to apply for borrowing of £60,000 on an annuity basis over 25 years. There is no requirement to increase the precept to cover the repayments.
    There was unanimous approval for Cllrs Stanley and Bromley to sign the contracts for the purchase of the playing field.
  3. Casual Vacancy
    There is still a vacancy for 1 parish councillor and no applications were received.
  4. Administration
    The Clerk requested clarity on hours of work and responsibilities.
    A councillor stated that the council should review financial regulations and standing orders.
  5. Gorsethorpe Village road sign
    Clerk to contact C/Cllr Peck regarding the faded road sign.
  6. Lamp column at the junction of Gorsethorpe Lane and Squires Lane
    The Clerk reported this to Nottinghamshire County Council and has chased it, however no responses have yet been received.
  7. Grass cutting boundaries
    The Clerk received a response from highways, and changes to grass cutting can’t be implemented until next growing season.
    The clerk is to obtain a quote for interim grass cutting from a maintenance company.
  8. Internet banking
    The Clerk sent forms off to the bank however has not yet had a response.

18/052 Correspondence

The Clerk had received an email from a resident querying the impact of the playing field purchase on the council tax. A response was drawn up and will be sent to the resident.

18/053 Accounts for Payment

The following items were approved unanimously, cheques raised and signed:

Clerk’s pay for September

18/054 Date of Next Meeting

This will be Monday 9th October 2017 at 7.00pm.

Chairman thanked all those present for their attendance, and closed the meeting at 9.08pm.

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