Meeting Minutes 14 June 2017

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Kings Clipstone Parish Council held on Wednesday 14th June 2017 at 7.00pm in the Council Chambers, Edwinstowe Village Hall, Mansfield Road, Edwinstowe.

Present: Cllr J Govan (Chairman), Cllr A Stanley, Cllr M Bradley, Cllr A Dunn

In attendance: Frances Ford, Clerk, 3 members of the public, Cllr Peck (NCCC)

Apologies: D/Cllr Peacock, D/Cllr Brooks, Cllr Bromley, Cllr Hunt, Cllr Smyth

18/001 Welcome

Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. The Chair submitted Cllr Smyth’s resignation with effect from 14/6/17.

Clerk to inform Electoral Services,

18/002 Apologies for Absence

Reasons were approved unanimously.

18/003 Declarations of Interest in Items on the Agenda

Cllr Govan declared a non-pecuniary interest in (Min ref 18/011 xii) beer festival.

18/004 Approval of minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 10th May 2017

The minutes were unanimously approved and signed by the Chair.

18/005 Questions/statements from members of the public (15 minutes)

A resident mentioned concerns over the speed limits through the village and the visibility/position of road signs.

A resident queried what the council could do about parking on Archway Road due to the Dog & Duck car park being closed off with temporary barriers.

A resident stated that the middle of the village is looking untidy due to grass cutting, car parking, litter and lack of spring flowers throughout the village.

18/006 County Councillors Report

County Cllr Peck requested an earlier place on the agenda due to a clash with another Parish Council meeting. C/Cllr Peck’s division - Sherwood Forest includes Edwinstowe, Kings Clipstone, Clipstone, Rufford, Wellow and Eakring. He explained that all villages are equally important to him. C/Cllr Peck has reported the broken slabs on Rat Holes which are due for inspection with a view to fixing/replacing them.
C/Cllr Peck explained that fracking is now an issue in the local area; the fracking companies have licenses to carry out drilling in central and north Nottinghamshire. Due to the effect on the tourist economy, heavy goods vehicles using our roads and concerns over water purity, he has pledged to oppose fracking in the wider Sherwood Forest Area and would be interested in the view of King’s Clipstone residents.

18/007 District Councillors Report

No D/Cllr present.

18/008 Parish Councillors Report

Cllr Dunn stated that Swinecote Road will be closed next week on advice from NCC Highways. This is due to infrastructure works taking place for the new Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre.

Cllr Govan had spoken to a resident regarding his concerns over the council’s purchase of the playing field on Squires Lane.
Cllr Govan explained that the council is within rights to purchase the field, and that it is in the interests of the community to purchase the field.

Cllr Govan also mentioned that the grass at the Kings Clipstone end of Gorsethorpe Lane is growing long, and we need to check whether it gets cut within the existing contract with Nottinghamshire County Council.

RESOLVED:- Agenda item for next meeting.

18/009 Correspondence from Residents

The resident’s query regarding purchase of the playing field was explained in the Village Councillor’s Report.

18/010 Planning Matters

  1. 17/00817/FUL 5 Squires Croft, Kings Clipstone NG21 9BX
    Householder application for roof extension over garage to form new bedroom and en-suite

    The council decided not to offer any comments on this application.

18/011 Agenda Items

  1. Audit and governance statement
    The councillors reviewed the accounting statement annual governance statement for 2016/17 which were unanimously approved and signed by the Chair.

  2. Neighbourhood Plan Update
    Cllr Stanley has had the plan printed and it has been circulated to all councilors and the Steering Group. A letter of thanks has been sent to the steering group.
    A copy of the plan has gone to Matthew Norton at Newark & Sherwood District Council and it has met with his approval. We may proceed to Formal Consultation.
    A newsletter will be prepared to send to every household, directing to the website and a survey.
    Cllr Stanley sought the council’s approval to add a copy of the plan to the website with immediate effect, which was unanimously approved.
    Cllr Stanley also proposed an open day during the consultation period. Cllr Bromley is formulating a business forum for the plan.

  3. Playing Field Update
    The Clerk confirmed that Banner Jones Solicitors had requested a costs undertaking of £2,500 to cover Welbeck Estate’s legal costs in the sale.
    The Clerk queried the inception date of the council, and the rough acreage of the playing field for the borrowing approval.

    RESOLVED: - Payment to go to Banner Jones. Cllr Stanley to measure the field and provide the Clerk with an update. Cllr Govan confirmed that the council was established in May 2011.

  4. Phone Box – defibrillator update
    Cllr Dunn proposed that the council go ahead and purchase a defibrillator for the phone box of £999, this was unanimously approved.

    RESOLVED: Clerk to order defibrillator.

  5. Request for another dog bin
    Cllr Stanley had made enquiries regarding the dog bin however each department he spoke to said it wasn’t in their remit. He is currently awaiting a reply from Nottinghamshire County Council. There was discussion about the location of the bin and it was suggested that it go between the Dog & Duck and the telegraph pole, on the Dog & Duck side of the road.

    RESOLVED: - Cllr Dunn to contact Amanda Smyth at Newark and Sherwood District Council to see if she can provide any further information.

  6. Notice board Squires Lane
    A notice board was purchased for £256.80 and this has been erected on Squires Croft.

  7. Restricted By-Way School Lane
    Cllr Hunt was not at the meeting however she communicated in advance of the meeting that the land owner is believed not to have any objection to barriers being erected on school lane to stop vehicles using it as a shortcut.

    Cllr Dunn added that the Parish Council have no power to pay for the barriers as it is a private road.

    RESOLVED: - Agenda item July.

  8. Events at Sherwood Pines
    Cllr Bromley, Cllr Hunt and the Clerk attended a meeting with Sherwood Pines regarding the events this summer. The Forestry Commission have agreed to provide ‘no concert parking’ signs, cones for Squires Lane and barriers for Archway Road. The Clerk is liaising with them to arrange delivery dates.
    The council also received a letter from the Forestry Commission stating that sound checks may begin at 1pm. The events will close at 11pm, and this year they have employed a specialist event traffic management and parking contractor.

    RESOLVED: - The Clerk to continue to liaise with the Forestry Commission.

  9. Beer Festival
    A resident brought to the meeting concerns over the noise from the Beer Festival over the bank holiday weekend. Objections were due to the noise and longevity of the event (Friday to Sunday). Music was reported to have continued until beyond midnight when the events notice was until 11.00pm. D/Cllr Brooks had spoken to the licensing department who had visited the organiser of the festival. The licensing department had said that future applications for events on the field will be looked at closely. Cllr Stanley stated that the council have no authority over the festival and no financial interest in it, we are only able to note the complaint.

  10. Name sign for Gorsethorpe Village
    Agenda item for July due to absence of Cllr Bromley.

  11. Contact Via regarding broken slabs on Main Road
    C/Cllr Peck has started to deal with this and inspection of the slabs is due.

  12. Tree Charter – do we want to join and plant a tree
    Cllr Dunn explained that the Tree Charter sets out to plant so many trees, our tree if we join may not be planted here but it does not cost the council anything to join. Cllr Govan proposed that we join the tree charter, and this was unanimously approved.

  13. INEOS Fracking
    It was decided to include fracking and obtain the views of the public at the time of the neighbourhood plan consultation. We may ask INEOS to come to a Parish meeting in the future. Once views are collated, we will write to Mark Spencer with the information.

  14. Confirm when thank you letter to Steve Parkhouse and Bereavement Card were sent
    Cllr Govan confirmed that the Bereavement Card had been sent and that the thank you letter had not. This is due to be sent with the thank you letter to Cllr Smyth.

  15. Dog & Duck
    Defer agenda item until July. A resident has spoken with the owner of the road regarding parking. Network rail have right of way down the road, Clerk to contact the landowner regarding parking/signs for the road.

  16. Bank change of name & internet banking
    The Clerk had been asked by the bank whether we wanted to set up internet banking. Cllr Dunn did research and provide names of other banks however if Lloyds Bank can facilitate the council’s requirements then the Clerk is to look in to setting this up.

18/012 Accounts for Payment

The following items were approved unanimously, cheques raised and signed:

Banner Jones Solicitors £2,500
Clerk’s pay for May £143.65 (gross)

18/013 Date of Next Meeting

This will be 12th July 2017 at 7.00pm.

Chairman thanked all those present for their attendance, and closed the meeting at 8:35pm.

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