Meeting Minutes 5 April 2017

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Kings Clipstone Parish Council held on Wednesday 5th April 2017 in the Council Chambers, Village Hall, Mansfield Road, Edwinstowe.

Present: Cllr J Govan (Chairman), Cllr P Bromley (Vice Chair), Cllr J Smyth, Cllr A Stanley, Cllr M Bradley, Cllr C Hunt

In attendance: Frances Ford, Clerk, Lynda Ogilvie, Temporary Clerk, 2 members of the public

17/139 Welcome

Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.

17/140 Apologies for Absence

Cllr Peck (NCCC) & Cllr Brooks (NSDC)

17/141 Declarations of Interest in Items on the Agenda

There were none.

17/142 Approval of minutes of the meeting held on 13th March 2017

Cllr Hunt added to ‘Present’ list. The minutes were unanimously approved as a correct record and signed by the Chair.

17/143 Questions/statements from members of the public (15 minutes)

There were none.

17/144 County Councillors Report

Cllr Peck was not present due to County Council Elections.

17/145 District Councillors Report

Cllr Brooks was not present.

17/146 Parish Councillors Report

  1. There was a fatal road incident involving a resident of the Parish Council, and the Councillors deemed it appropriate to send a sympathy card to the family of the deceased. Cllr Govan (Chair) to arrange this.

17/147 Planning Matters

  1. 17/00462/HPRIOR 3 Archway Grove Kings Clipstone NG21 9BY
    Householder Prior Approval for Replacement of Existing Conservatory

    The Council decided not to offer any comments on this application.

  2. 17/00273/FUL | Extension to "Retreat" Building | Sherwood Forest Cabins Sherwood Pines Forest Park Mansfield Road Clipstone NG21 9JH

    The Council decided not to offer any comments on this application.

17/148 Agenda Items

  1. Neighbourhood Plan Update
    Cllr Stanley has received the revised Neighbourhood Plan. Cllr Bromley is to obtain a quote for printing costs of the plan for the steering group. Cllr Hunt proposed 30 copies, seconded by Cllr Stanley. Unanimously approved.

    It was agreed that the council should review the funding and expenditure in relation to the Neighbourhood Plan. The Clerk is to review this for the next meeting.

  2. Playing Field Update
    Cllr Bromley had been in contact with Banner Jones Solicitors regarding the terms of the contract with Welbeck Estate for the purchase of the playing field. Welbeck Estate’s proposed terms are the acceptance of £60,000 as the purchase price of the field, but with a clawback of 50% of any uplift in value should the land be sold or used for any other use than community use within 80 years of the purchase. Cllr Bromley proposed that the terms are accepted, which was unanimously approved. It was agreed that the Clerk was to take over contact with Banner Jones in relation to the purchase of the field.

    Cllr Bromley proposed the council obtain borrowing approval for the sum of up to £65,000 for the playing field, this was unanimously approved. Borrowing Approval Application for the sum of £65,000 will be completed by the Clerk and the Temporary Clerk.

  3. Phone Box
    Cllr Smyth proposed that the Parish Council consider the installation of a defibrillator into the Phone Box. This was unanimously approved. The Chair provided the Clerk with a contact for supply of the defibrillator so she can look into this.

  4. Request for another dog bin
    The Council had received a request from a resident for an additional dog bin. The placement of the existing bin was discussed, and Cllr Stanley is to consider whether the Council should move the existing bin, or purchase an additional one, and the location of this. This will be an agenda item for the next meeting.

  5. Notice Board Squires Lane
    The possibility of having an enclosed/lockable notice board on Squires Lane was discussed. Cllrs Hunt and Stanley agreed to research the types of notice board available and the cost, and this will be discussed at the next meeting.

  6. Restricted By-Way School Lane
    After the roadworks have been concluded School Lane is still being used despite being closed to traffic. It was agreed that the Clerk should contact the owner of the land and query the likelihood of being able to put up signage.

  7. Data Protection License
    It was suggested by the Clerk that the Council may want to purchase a Data Protection License to confirm that they are able to hold sensitive information if appropriate, at a cost of £35p.a. This was proposed by Cllr Smyth and unanimously approved.

  8. Fix Date for Annual Parish Meeting
    It was agreed that the Annual Parish Meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Wednesday 10th May 2017, after the Annual Meeting of the Council which will be at 6.30pm.

  9. Fix meeting dates for next year
    It was agreed that meetings should be on the second Wednesday of each month, and the Clerk is to draw up a list of dates, and check room availability before circulating the list to Councillors.

  10. Clerk’s laptop
    Cllr Smyth offered the Chair a laptop she has so that the Clerk’s laptop may be returned to the Clerk when data is transferred.

  11. Retaining the services of the Temporary Clerk
    Cllr Bromley proposed that the services of Lynda Ogilvie are retained for 3 months at her hourly rate. This was unanimously approved.

  12. Change of Postal Address
    It was agreed that the postal address for the Council should be changed to the Clerk’s home address.

  13. Events at Sherwood Pines
    Music events are planned at Sherwood Pines for the coming summer, and the Council has experienced problems with unofficial parking in the village previously. Cllr Bromley suggested that the Council contact the Forestry Commission with a view to putting plans in place prior to the events. Cllrs Bromley, Stanley and Hunt volunteered to attend a meeting once arranged. The Clerk is to contact the Forestry Commission.

  14. Councillor Parkhouse’s Resignation
    The resignation of Cllr Parkhouse was accepted on the 15th March 2017. It was agreed that the Chair would write to Cllr Parkhouse to thank him for his dedication and contribution to the Council.

  15. Casual Vacancy
    It was agreed that a Casual Vacancy notice be put up on the notice boards and on the website, following Cllr Parkhouse’s resignation.

  16. Approve new Letterhead
    It was agreed to change the wording temporarily in the existing letterhead, and this will be an Agenda item for the next meeting.

17/149 Accounts for Payment

The following items were approved, and cheques signed:

Alice Dunn ad-hoc wages for October and November 2016 - £97.50
Planning With People – Neighbourhood Plan - £500.00
Newark & Sherwood District Council – Dog bin emptying - £327.10

17/150 Date of Next Meeting

This will be 10th May 2017.

Chairman thanked all those present for their attendance, and closed the meeting at 8.50 pm.

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