Meeting Minutes 11 May 2016

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Kings Clipstone Parish Council held on Wednesday 11th May 2016 in the Council Chambers, Village Hall, Mansfield Road, Edwinstowe.

Present: Cllrs Bradley, Bromley, Govan, Harbottle, Maguire, Parkhouse, Smyth

Apologies: D/Cllr Brooks - prior commitments

17/006 Welcome

The Chair opened the meeting and welcomed all present.

17/007 Apologies for Absence

Reasons were accepted and approved by the Council.

17/008 Declarations of Interest in Items on the Agenda


17/009 Approval of minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 13th April 2016

Subject to the following corrections, the minutes were approved unanimously by those who had been present.

16/134 should read 'can no longer' and not 'cannot longer'

16/138(i) should read 'litter' not 'letter'

17/010 Questions/statements from members of the public (15 minutes)

None present.

17/011 County Councillors Report

Robin Hood Line - no further update at present

Main Road resurfacing - still on schedule for September

A614 - Cllr Peck has written to NCC Highways Director and Chairman concerning the timing of the 30mph speed restriction that was in force 11 days before the work started.

Thanks was expressed to Cllr Peck for the retention works on the Rat Holes.

17/012 District Councillors Report

None present.

17/013 Village Councillors Report

Cllr Parkhouse reported success with a footpath linking Spa Ponds with Clipstone Drive.

Cllr Bromley suggested purchasing a second beacon for future events. The possibility of 'borrowing another council's beacon was discussed. Revisit as necessary.

RESOLVED: - Add beacon to list of equipment

Cllr Bromley has been approached by a resident to ask for use of the playing field. After a brief discussion, the request was approved subject to the protocol being adhered to.

RESOLVED: - Approve request subject to protocol being adhered to. Also to contact Welbeck Estates concerning the possibility of purchasing part/all of the playing field.

The resident has also asked whether the council had considered fitness/play equipment for the site.

RESOLVED: - Agenda item for June meeting. Invite resident to inform councilors of the type of equipment.

Cllr Bromley informed the meeting that there are grants available for parish councils to access.

RESOLVED: - Agenda item June for discussion.

Cllr Smyth asked whether council were aware if the Squires Lane side of the playing field has been sprayed with weed killer

RESOLVED: - Clerk to enquire with NCC.

17/014 Planning Matters


17/015 Agenda Items

  1. Purchase of Computer Equipment
    PC World no longer accept cheque payments. After a discussion it was agreed to write to the bank to ask about our options concerning a debit card/internet banking. It was also agreed to enquire with NALC.

    RESOLVED: - Clerk to write letter.
  2. Approval of the Annual Governance Statement 2015/16
    Approved and signed.
  3. Approval of the Accounting Statements 2015/16
    Approved and signed. The VAT refund is pending and should be received during 2016/17.
  4. Annual Parish Meeting Update
    INEOS have agreed to attend but we have not received any dates from them yet.

    RESOLVED: - Clerk to chase up giving deadline for response. When dates received, advertise widely in village.

17/016 Accounts for Payment

  1. Clerk's Wages
    Approved unanimously
  2. Insurance Renewal - £320.87 (maximum)
    After a discussion it was agreed unanimously to proceed with the quote from HISCOX insurance at £305.59

The Clerk reported that we had been successful with one of the bids for the Neighbourhood Plan - £5,000. We had applied for £9,000 and will be able to apply for the remaining £4,000 in due course. Natalie will apply free of charge.

Cllr Parkhouse requested 'Grants Policy' be added to the next agenda. Approved unanimously

Cllr Bradley requested 'Reimbursement of postage costs' be added to the next agenda. Agreed unanimously

17/017 Date of Next Meeting 14th June 2016 at 7.00pm

1955hrs meeting closed.

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