Meeting Minutes 10 February 2016

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Kings Clipstone Parish Council held on Wednesday 10th February 2016 in the Council Chambers, Village Hall, Mansfield Road, Edwinstowe.

Present: Cllrs Bradley, Govan, Harbottle, Parkhouse, D/Cllr Brooks, C/Cllr Peck

Apologies: Cllrs Smyth - work commitments, Maguire - family commitments. D/Cllr Peacock - attending Clipstone Parish Council Meeting

16/104 Welcome

The Chair opened the meeting and welcomed all present.

16/105 Co-Option of New Councillor including signing of the Declaration of Acceptance of Office


The Chair asked the meeting if anyone was interested in being considered for co-option onto the Council. Two members of the public; Paul Bromley and Keith Laver indicated they were interested. The vote was as follows: -

Paul Bromley - 4 votes; Keith Laver 0 votes therefore Paul Bromley was co-opted onto the council and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office, was issued with a Register of Members Interests Form, Code of Conduct and Standing Orders.

16/106 Apologies for Absence

Reasons were approved and accepted.

16/107 Declarations of Interest in Items on the Agenda

Cllrs Bradley and Govan - disclosable pecuniary interest in 15/02155/FUL.

16/108 Approval of minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 13th January 2016

Minutes were approved and signed by the Chair.

16/109 Questions/statements from members of the public (15 minutes)

Resident asked why he had not received a reply to a question concerning bus fares that he had submitted in November. The Clerk replied that an email response had been sent in December and the matter had been discussed at the December meeting. The email would be forwarded to the resident once again.

Resident informed the meeting that large lorries were still using Gorsethorpe Lane and would forward photographs to the Clerk for information and following up.

Resident reported the unsightly signage for the Sunday market and could anything be done about it.

Resident asked whether the old lamp columns would be removed completely. Clerk to contact Highways

Resident asked what constituted a quorum. Quorum is 3 for King's Clipstone Council

16/110 County Councillors Report (to be made when C/Cllr Peck arrives)

16/111 District Councillors Report

The two areas that D/Cllr Brooks works in are planning and housing. Cllr Brooks is not able to express an opinion on plans but can offer advice and guidance on applications.

D/Cllr Peacock is following up issues concerning the Mission Hut and is trying to get funding for projects on the western side of the district.

Any questions for either district councilor can be made through Alice.

16/112 Village Councillors Report

Commenced 1918hrs

Cllr Bradley reported the number of large lorries and vehicles turning into Gorsethorpe Lane from the direction of Rat Holes that need to swing out into the road. Clerk to contact Highways re: weight restrictions etc

For information - Cllr Bromley reported the increase in council tax for properties on Squires Croft from band D to band E. He has written to the valuation office who have not given a reason for the increase. The residents will be lodging a joint appeal against the increase. [Cllr Bromley declared a financial interest]

16/113 Planning Matters

Cllr Bradley and Govan left the meeting. Cllr Harbottle chaired.

15/02155/FUL - Change of use of two existing stable buildings to self-catering tourist accommodation with minor external alterations and associated parking.

After a lengthy discussion with consideration given to the consultee comments on the planning application it was unanimously agreed to object to the application.

Cllrs Bradley and Govan returned to the meeting.

16/00094/SCAN - Erection of 2 No. grain and machinery buildings, Eastfield Farm, Clipstone Road, Kings Clipstone - noted

DECISION - 15/02248/TEL25 - Installation of one 0.3m dish on the existing structure - Clipstone Park Farm, Squires Lane - Planning permission is not required

C/Cllr Peck arrived and gave his report

  1. Potholes on Squires Lane, Main Road and Gorsethorpe Lane had been reported.
  2. Main Road resurfacing should have been started w/c 4th April but has been delayed due to forthcoming Forestry Commission works. The resurfacing works is in the programme for 2016/17
  3. The improvements to Gorsethorpe Lane have made a difference
  4. There is due to be an update tomorrow (11/02/16) on Robin Hood Line and the NCC Leader and Mark Spencer MP have a meeting in London to discuss the promised funding from the government.
  5. 16/114 Agenda Items

    1. Venue for Future Meetings
      It was previously agreed to hold meetings at Edwinstowe for 5 months and then go back to the caravan site however Cllr Parkhouse finds the acoustics at Edwinstowe much better. The setup is more professional, the room is warm and it is necessary to drive to either venue so no one is inconvenienced. The fact that the venue is not in King's Clipstone is a negative.

      It was agreed to remain at Edwinstowe for the March meeting - 5 votes for, 1 against and to agenda for further discussion. Agenda item
    2. Neighbourhood Plan
      Quote from Helen Metcalfe
      After a lengthy discussion it was proposed to continue to accept the quote from Helen Metcalfe. 3 votes for, 1 against and 1 abstention.

      The Clerk gave the following update: -

      Census information had been received from Matthew Norton. Clerk to forward to all working group members
      Oliver Scott has agreed to work on the heritage assets. The Clerk has forwarded the relevant sections of the Neighbourhood Plan
      Natalie Cockerell has started working on the grant applications and her charge will be written into the application.

      All noted.
    3. Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations 21.04.16 - Beacon
      After a discussion it was agreed unanimously, subject to checking with insurance company, to purchase the gas fueled beacon.
      The subject of holding an event was also discussed and unanimously agreed. Agenda item March
    4. Update Bank Signatories
      A letter was drafted and signed by the Chair and Vice-Chair
    5. Funding for Council Computer Equipment
      There is funding available to help purchase computer equipment to help comply with the new transparency code.
      It was unanimously agreed to apply for funding for a scanner and laptop for the council.
    6. Installation of Dog Bin
      The dog bin has arrived however we need to order a post. Clerk to order. The position was discussed and it was agreed that subject to landowner's approval, the bin would be placed on Archway Road near the second railway bridge. Clerk to inform N&SDC

    16/115 Accounts for Payment

    1. Clerk's Wages
    2. Photocopying Costs - £7.26
    3. Rent of Playing Field - £75
      1. Length of new lease and annual rent.
        Clerk to write to Welbeck about prospect of purchasing the field
    4. Glasdon UK Limited - Dog Bin - £103.82

    All cheques approved, written and signed.

    16/116 Date of Next Meeting 9th March 2016 at 7.00pm - Venue Edwinstowe Village Hall

    Meeting closed 2029hrs.

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