Meeting Minutes 13 April 2015

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Kings Clipstone Parish Council held on Monday 13th April 2015 at 7.00pm in the Community Room, Sherwood Forest Holiday Park, Gorsethorpe Lane, Kings Clipstone.

Present: Cllrs Bradley, Govan, Harbottle, Maguire, Parkhouse, Smyth

Apologies: Cllr Rowe - work commitments

142/15 Welcome

The Chair opened the meeting and welcomed all present. The Chair thanked members of the public for their dedicated support and to all Councillors for their hard work during this term of office.

143/15 Apologies for Absence

Apologies were approved unanimously and accepted .

144/15 Declarations of Interest in Items on the Agenda

Cllr Parkhouse - item 151/15 (ii).

145/15 Approval of minutes of the meeting held on Monday 9th March 2015

The minutes of the meeting were approved subject to the correction that Cllr Rowe had not been in attendance.

146/15 Questions/statements from members of the public (15 minutes)

A resident asked whether all the daffodils had now been planted.

A resident commented on how good the bushes on Gorsethorpe lane look.

A resident reported that the landowner of the field to the rear of his property has dug a trench around the edge which is encouraging vermin. The resident will speak to his neighbour. Noted

A resident informed the meeting that he was responsible for installing the mirrors outside his property as it is very hazardous when pulling out onto Main Road. Noted

147/15 County Councillors Report

C/Cllr Peck thanked the Parish Council for their commitment to the community and expressed his pleasure at working with them.

Resurfacing of Main Road, including the lighting, will be carried out this year (2015/6) with one proviso - as long as the budget allows. Traffic calming measures will also be requested.

C/Cllr Peck continues to campaign for the extension to the Robin Hood Line. The sad demise of Thoresby Colliery has opened up the possibility of extending the line. A few weeks ago there was a train ride from Nottingham to Ollerton to test the track, stopping at Edwinstowe Station (Mill Lane) which is in very good condition. NCC have commissioned the next part of a feasibility study to come back with a series of options (due over the next few months). The extension will not happen without the support of NCC as they will be providing both capital and revenue expenditure. The extension will be beneficial for locals, commuters and tourists.

The New Visitor centre will complete over the next two years. The Regional Park will be launched in September.

Cllr Peck has also reported pot holes on Squires Lane.

148/15 District Councillors Report

D/Cllr Soar sent her apologies and wished councillors well in the upcoming election.

It was reported that D/Cllr Soar was standing for Bilsthorpe. Clerk to send email saying good luck and also thank you for all her support

149/15 Village Councillors Report

Cllr Harbottle reported on the Safer Neighbourhood Group; there is a new variable speed sign in Clipstone but the main concern is cycle theft from Sherwood Pines, targeting expensive bikes - police are working with staff at Sherwood Pines. There is no date set for the next Safer Neighbourhood Meeting.

Cllr Bradley requested an update on the grant offer from N&SDC. The Clerk had previously spoken to Sherwood Forest Trust but had not received an update. Clerk to chase re funding application.

Cllr Parkhouse has planted 1,200 snowdrops around the village but would like more if anyone can help.

150/15 Planning Matters


151/15 Agenda Items

  1. Litter Bin - Squires Lane Bus Shelter
    Due to rubbish being left at/around the bus shelter, a request has been received from a resident for a litter bin (this resident is clearing up the rubbish). The owner of the shelter did not feel it was necessary. Cllr Smyth to ask the resident to monitor the situation and bring back to meeting if necessary.
  2. Bridleway 3 - update
    No legal objections - going through the process
  3. Potential Use for Playing Field
    Two villagers have requested whether part of the playing field can be used as an allotment. Clerk to check lease and to continue to try to contact Welbeck Estates
  4. Date for Annual Parish Meeting
    Monday 18th May 2015 at 7.00pm
  5. Feedback from Meeting with Karen Tarburton
    It was unanimously agreed to invite Karen Tarburton to the Annual Parish Meeting to explain what a Community-led Plan is.
  6. Christmas Lights - Electrician Visit/ Cllr Peck Leaflet
    It was unanimously agreed for the Clerk to contact Highways to request infrastructure work for Christmas Lights be carried out when lights are replaced. Clerk to contact Highways
  7. Grassed Area Bottom of Mill Lane - Update
    A discussion took place concerning what 'barriers' could be installed to prevent motorists parking on the grass verges on Mill Lane but especially at the bottom near to Sherwood Pines. (unanimous) Clerk to contact Highways and then write to Sherwood Pines ahead of the concerts in June.
  8. Funding Application - Neighbourhood Plan
    The plan was sent to N&SDC who advised applying for funding from Locality. It was unanimously agreed for the Clerk to contact Locality to ask for a funding/application pack. Clerk to request
    It was unanimously agreed, in principle, to apply for funding.

152/15 Accounts for Payment

  1. Clerk's Wages and Overtime - approved
    Approved and signed

153/15 Date of Next Meeting 11th May 2015 at 7.00pm - noted

7.58 pm meeting closed

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