Meeting Minutes 13 October 2014

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Kings Clipstone Parish Council held on Monday 13th October 2014 at 7.00pm in the Community Room, Sherwood Forest Holiday Park, Gorsethorpe Lane, Kings Clipstone.

Present: Bradley, Govan, Parkhouse, Rowe and Smyth. C/Cllr Peck

Apologies: Cllrs Harbottle and Maguire - prior commitments. D/Cllr Soar - ill health

070/15 Welcome

The Chair opened the meeting and welcomed all present.

071/15 Apologies for Absence

Apologies were approved and accepted.

072/15 Declarations of Interest in Items on the Agenda

Cllr Bradley - item 079/15 (vii)

073/15 Approval of minutes of the meeting held on Monday 8th September 2014

The minutes were approved unanimously and signed by the Chair.

074/15 Questions/statements from members of the public (15 minutes)

A question was raised concerning the traffic accident sign on Gorsethorpe Lane and whether improved signage would be installed. Agenda item 075/15

A question was raised concerning the resiting of the dog bin. Agenda item 079/15 (v)(a) The member of the public thought a good place for the dog bin would be on Archway Road at the top of the hill but not near to the bench. Needs more investigation

075/15 County Councillors Report

Since the accidents on Gorsethorpe Lane temporary signs have been installed. C/Cllr Peck requested 'priority signs' but was unsuccessful. The request for a speed reduction to 50mph is ongoing. C/Cllr Peck to continue to investigate. Clerk to investigate the causes of the accidents on Gorsethorpe Lane.

C/Cllr Peck has submitted a request to the Highways Committee for Squires Lane and Main Road to be resurfaced which is currently at the initial stage for consideration. Main Road is in the priority programme for 2015/6 but it still needs to go for approval at the budget meeting in February before it is finally agreed. C/Cllr Peck will write a letter to support the request.

The question of antiskid surfacing on parts of Gorsethorpe Lane was raised. C/Cllr Peck to enquire

C/Cllr Peck left the meeting.

076/15 District Councillors Report

There were no District Councillors present. D/Cllr Soar had sent a brief report expressing support to Kings Clipstone Village Council in opposing the Extreme Activity Centre that is planned on the former Clipstone Colliery site due to the possible increase in traffic through Kings Clipstone.

077/15 Village Councillors Report

Cllr Bradley has received formal notification regarding the purchase of the mission church as a potential community venue. N&SDC have been notified re Register of Members Interest.

Cllr Parkhouse has installed the dog bin at the Dog and Duck. He has spoken to Nick who has no problem with where the bin has been sited.

Cllr Parkhouse has reported a large amount of soil being moved onto land owned by Sherwood Forest Lodge Ltd. Clerk to enquire with N&SDC Planning Department

078/15 Planning Matters


079/15 Agenda Items

  1. Village Website
    There is a need for the Village Council to have a website in order to publish relevant documents especially minutes and agendas. The Clerk has made enquiries with an independent web designer who estimates the costs to be £350 to set up and £200 per year to manage and maintain. It is important for the website to be managed by someone independent.

    After a discussion, it was suggested that a local resident would be prepared to manage a website on behalf of the council – instructed by Cllr Parkhouse. The Clerk requested contact details for the resident to arrange a meeting. Cllr Parkhouse to provide contact details to Clerk
  2. Confirmation of Use of Village Notice Boards
    It was agreed that agendas be placed in all three noticeboards; the Dog and Duck noticeboard also have items of local interest, walks etc; the Bus Stop noticeboard to include minutes and Village Council information and the noticeboard on Squires Lane to be a community noticeboard with free access but not to be used for political purposes.

    It was proposed by Cllr Bradley and seconded by Cllr Smyth to include an article in the next Village Newsletter asking people to provide their email addresses if they wished to receive electronic versions of agendas and minutes. Approved unanimously
  3. Standing Orders
    For approval at November Meeting.
  4. Financial Regulations
    For approval at November Meeting.

    The Standing Orders and Financial Regulations have not been reviewed since 2011. Clerk to circulate draft copies with minutes for Councillors consideration for November meeting.
  5. Playing Field
    1. Possible Resiting of Dog Bin
      There was a discussion concerning the position of the dog bin at the entrance to the playing field as it could be confusing as the field is a 'no dogs allowed area'. It was proposed to move the dog bin to the bottom of School Lane at the junction of Squires Lane at the end of the hedge. Clerk to enquire with N&SDC re site suitability. Cllr Parkhouse to contact Countryside Access
    2. Clarity of Signage
      The no dogs sign on the gate of the playing field needs replacing as it is not clear or large enough. Cllr Parkhouse to research costs of larger and clearer signage.
    3. Future Development of Site
      The possibility of installing children’s play equipment was discussed but as the land is owned by Welbeck Estates there may be restrictions for what can/cannot be placed on site. Clerk to make enquiries with Welbeck Estates and look at possibility of submitting a Nomination of Community Asset Application to N&SDC
    4. Boundary Fence - Reassess
      Three Councillors visited the site and the fence needs some repair work. After a discussion the following works were agreed unanimously: -
      Repairs to the back fence (behind the shed).
      The front boundary secured against dogs.
      Look at possibility of rabbit netting along the bottom two rails of the back fence.
      A budget of £60 was approved unanimously.
  6. Clerk's Availability
    Until the Clerk buys a pay as you go mobile, the preferred method of contact is by email. This will be published in the noticeboards and on all Village Council correspondence. It was approved unanimously for the Clerk to buy a pay as you go mobile.
  7. The Garden (057/15)
    The condition of the garden including the possibility of using the garden as an allotment site was discussed. The situation is complicated. Clerk to discuss with Cllr Bradley

    Adding the verge to the grass cutting contract was also discussed. Agenda item November when more information is received.
  8. Code of Conduct and Ten Principles
    The Code of Conduct has not been reviewed since 2011. Clerk to circulate draft copies with minutes for Councillors consideration for November meeting.
    The AGM will take place on Saturday 15 November at 10.30am in Woodborough Village Hall. Contact Clerk if would like to attend
  10. Neighbourhood Plan
    Cllr Parkhouse circulated the latest draft Neighbourhood Plan to all Councillors present with a view to commence a consultation period from 20th October. It was felt that the timescale was too short for Councillors to familiarise themselves with the draft document in order to be able to answer any questions.

    The latest Village Newsletter was circulated to all Councillors for comment.

    It was agreed to postpone the consultation period in order for the Clerk to make enquiries with an independent advisor.

    The Chair proposed Councillors spend time looking at the Draft Neighbourhood Plan and Newsletter and pass any comments to the Clerk. The Clerk to organise a meeting before the next Village Council Meeting to discuss both documents more fully.

    There was a discussion concerning the recent threat of libel action by a resident. The Clerk has sought advice from NALC and is awaiting a response.

080/15 Accounts for Payment

  1. Glasdon UK Limited, Dog Bin - £147.60
  2. Steve Parkhouse, Materials for Installation of Dog Bin - £1.94

Cheques approved unanimously, written and signed.

081/15 Date of Next Meeting 10th November 2014 at 7.00pm

Meeting Closed at 2045hrs

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