Meeting Minutes 10 November 2014

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Kings Clipstone Parish Council held on Monday 10th November 2014 at 7.00pm in the Community Room, Sherwood Forest Holiday Park, Gorsethorpe Lane, Kings Clipstone.

Present: Cllrs Bradley, Govan, Harbottle, Rowe

Apologies: Cllr Maguire

082/15 Welcome

The Chair opened the meeting and welcomed those present.

083/15 Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received and accepted.

084/15 Declarations of Interest in Items on the Agenda

Cllr Bradley for 091/15 (xii)

085/15 Approval of minutes of the meeting held on Monday 10th November 2015

The minutes were approved and signed, subject to the following alterations: -

  1. 077/15 'Nick' should read Nick Rogers who is the Landlord of the Dog and Duck
  2. 080/15 Cllr Parkhouse should have disclosed an interest

086/15 Questions/statements from members of the public (15 minutes)

A resident thanked Cllr Parkhouse for litter picking around the village.

Minute reference 077/15 states that Cllr Parkhouse has reported a large amount of soil that has been 'dumped' on land behind the new houses on Main Road. The resident asked whether the question of investigating the soil had been proposed and seconded.

Cllr Parkhouse arrived.

The resident informed the council that the soil was part of a forthcoming landscaping scheme, involving children, to encourage wildlife. He expressed dismay that no councillor had asked him about it.

087/15 County Councillors Report

  1. Gorsethorpe Lane
    C/Cllr Peck has received notification that Gorsethorpe Lane will be closed whilst the barrier is repaired.

    Cllr Smyth arrived, giving apologies.

    The resurfacing of Main Road is in the provisional programme for 2015/6 but still needs to be passed in February but has been agreed by Committee. It is important that the works remain in the proposal and C/Cllr Peck suggests the Village Council write to Andrew Warrington, Director of Highways to strongly request it is kept in the programme. Clerk to write letter
  2. Budgets
    NCC is now in the consultation period for next year’s budget and C/Cllr Peck suggested that councillors take time to look at the proposals and make comments where necessary.
  3. Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre
    This is now going out for tender. NCC has put in additional funding for the project but is looking for a private company. Next year the Sherwood Forest Regional Park (including Kings Clipstone) should be launched which should help to encourage tourism to the area.

    Cllr Harbottle asked why the car parks in Sherwood Forest have stopped charging as this is a good source of revenue. Clerk to investigate

    C/Cllr Peck left the meeting

088/15 District Councillors Report

No District Councillors in attendance.

089/15 Village Councillors Report


090/15 Planning Matters

Cllr Parkhouse asked the Clerk if there had been any responses from Adrian Adams, N&SDC Conservation Officer. The Clerk had not contacted N&SDC as she required further information.

The Chair proposed to move item 091/15 (xiv) forward - agreed

The Chair introduced Karen Tarburton from Rural Community Action Nottinghamshire who she had met, with the Clerk for guidance on the Neighbourhood Plan.

Karen had shown the Draft Plan to a planning colleague who felt it was a good start but there was no vision or objectives and not enough consultation had taken place. The policies need more work. Karen is happy to assist councillors with the process and has a list of contacts of people who can help. It is important for the Local Authority to be involved throughout the process.

Cllr Parkhouse queried what information Karen had been given as it may not be the most up to date.

Cllr Parkhouse to email Clerk all relevant and up to date information
Karen to provide Clerk with list of contacts

Cllr Harbottle questioned why the clerk and Chair had not informed the Working Group about the meeting. The Clerk responded that it is in order for the Clerk and Chair to attend meetings, gather information and report back so all councillors can make informed decisions.

Karen to attend next Working Group meeting to discuss way forward and the funding that is available for Neighbourhood Plans.

Cllr Rowe proposed seeking further advice including funding available, Cllr Bradley seconded. Vote 5 for, 1 abstention

091/15 Agenda Items

  1. Dog Bin Archway Road
    A discussion took place regarding the best location for a dog bin. Clerk to discuss with N&SDC and the land owner
  2. Accidents on Gorsethorpe Lane - update
    Traffic calming measures may be made and the local police are 'keeping an eye on the situation.'
  3. Standing Orders
    For approval.
  4. Financial Regulations
    For approval.
    Let the Clerk know of any corrections/amendments/alterations which will be checked with the relevant body and then bring to next meeting.
  5. Code of Conduct
    For approval.
    The Clerk asked whether the version being used by the council was the latest N&SDC version - yes
  6. Enquiries with N&SDC re soil being dumped
    Clerk to gather more information and report back to next meeting. Agenda December
  7. Village Website - update
    This was not agreed at the last meeting, it was proposed and seconded for the Clerk to meet with the resident. Cllr Parkhouse should have given details to the Clerk to organise a meeting. The website should not be live. There needs to be an independent person managing the website.

    Cllr Govan proposed using the same designer as Edwinstowe, Cllr Rowe seconded. Vote 4 for, 2 against Clerk to contact web designer.

    Emailing of Minutes and Agendas, this will be unnecessary
  8. No Dogs Allowed Signs - Cllr Parkhouse
    Cllr Parkhouse has installed the original signs.
  9. Future Development of Playing Field - Update
    The Clerk has not been able to contact Welbeck Estates. Karen may have a contact. Clerk to contact Karen for details
    1. Dog Bin
      It was agreed to leave the dog bin where it is. Clerk to contact N&SDC for new contract
    2. Signage
      See agenda item (ix)
    3. Boundary Fence
      Work has not commenced yet
  10. The Garden - Update
    Clerk to meet with Cllr Bradley. Arrange meeting
  11. Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire Programme
    Let the Clerk know if you wish to attend.
  12. People's Millions - King John's Palace
  13. Meeting Dates to May 2015
    January 12th
    February 9th
    March 9th
    April 13th
    May - Clerk to speak to N&SDC re elections
  14. Neighbourhood Plan - update
    In light of the earlier discussion, Cllr Parkhouse withdrew the following motion.
    Motion put by Cllr Parkhouse
    "In recognition of the strong support from residents for a Neighbourhood Plan and the excellent participation in the consultation process to date, the Council resolves to undertake to the legally required 6 weeks public consultation on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan and Evidence and Assets Register starting 17th November 2014, to allow villagers and other stakeholders an opportunity to make their views known about how the Draft Plan meets their previously expressed views."

092/15 Accounts for Payment

  1. Cllr Smyth will pay the Clerks basic hours, overtime to be authorised by councillors before payment

093/15 Date of Next Meeting 8th December 2014 at 7.00pm

Meeting closed at 2002hrs

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