Meeting Minutes 8 December 2014

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Kings Clipstone Parish Council held on Monday 8th December 2014 at 7.00pm in the Community Room, Sherwood Forest Holiday Park, Gorsethorpe Lane, Kings Clipstone.

Present: Cllrs Bradley, Govan, Harbottle, Maguire, Parkhouse, Smyth

Apologies: Cllr Rowe - on holiday

094/15 Welcome

The Chair opened the meeting and welcomed all present.

095/15 Apologies for Absence

Apologies were approved and accepted unanimously.

096/15 Declarations of Interest in Items on the Agenda


097/15 Approval of minutes of the meeting held on Monday 10th November 2015

The minutes of the meeting were approved subject to the following comments made by Cllrs Parkhouse and Harbottle: -

080/15 Cllr Parkhouse was unhappy that the Clerk had recorded that he had not declared an interest for a cheque payment at the October meeting.
090/15 Adrian Adams is an Enforcement Officer not a Conservation Officer.
087/15 Cllr Harbottle had queried the lack of car park charges at both Rufford Park and Sherwood Forest - not only Sherwood Forest.
091/15 (ix) (b) should read - see agenda item (viii).
091/15 (vii) Cllr Harbottle stated she had abstained from the vote for the website and not voted against.

098/15 Questions/statements from members of the public (15 minutes)

Congratulations on winning the People's Millions. It is important as King John's Palace is part of the village.

099/15 County Councillors Report

An update concerning resurfacing of B6030 in 2015/16 - due to other commitments it is unlikely that this work will be completed in 2015/16. It will be added to the work schedule for 2016/17.

100/15 District Councillors Report


101/15 Village Councillors Report

Cllr Harbottle reported on the recent Safer Neighbourhood Group meeting. There is a high possibility that there will be another interactive speed sign installed at the Kings Clipstone end of the B6030.

Due to poor attendance at the SNG meetings, there will be a relaunch next year. The next meeting is the AGM on 13th January at 6.30pm at Clipstone Village Hall. Cllr Harbottle suggested inviting the PCSO, Thom Lammiman to a Kings Clipstone Village Council Meeting.

Cllr Harbottle queried the approval to use an external web developer at the last meeting as three quotes should be obtained for value for money.

Cllr Parkhouse has met with the Rights of Way Officer to discuss 'making good' the bridleway near to the River Maun. Agenda item January

Cllr Bradley commented on the recent works that had been carried out on Gorsethorpe Lane but was disappointed that no safety measures had been installed.

102/15 Planning Matters

Cllr Parkhouse has been approached by a resident reporting vehicles crossing Dog and Duck land and is concerned for public safety. Cllr Parkhouse requested to defer the item to the confidential section at the end of the meeting to exclude the public.

The Clerk informed the meeting that as the matter had not been specified on the agenda and therefore not in the public domain, it could not be discussed at this meeting.

Cllr Parkhouse proposed moving the matter to confidential, Cllr Harbottle seconded.

103/15 Agenda Items

  1. Website
    A discussion took place concerning the procedure that had been followed for the website approval. Cllr Parkhouse questioned the value for money, who has ultimate control of the site and who pays for the domain name.

    The Chair read the following excerpt from the Financial Regulations;
    "Where the supply of goods, material, equipment or services is required and the total expenditure is likely to exceed £1,000, the RFO shall seek a minimum of 3 tenders…"

    Therefore, the correct procedure had been followed.

    A report from the web developer was circulated to all councillors present for perusal and for discussion at January meeting. Agenda item January
  2. Electoral Review of Nottinghamshire
    Agreed to display in middle noticeboard.
  3. Car Park Charges at Sherwood Forest
    Charges will be implemented in both Sherwood Forest and Rufford Park in the new year.
  4. People's Millions Result
    Congratulations to all concerned for the recent successful Peoples Millions bid.
  5. Dog Bins
    The dog bin at the Dog and Duck has now been added to N&SDC schedule for fortnightly emptying.

    Cllr Parkhouse discussed potential sites for a further dog bin including Squires Lane, School Lane and Main Road. It was agreed to monitor where the problem areas are and bring to January meeting. Agenda January meeting.

    It was noted that dog bins can be purchased in green as well as red.
  6. Playing Field - update
    Still no success in speaking to relevant person at Welbeck Estates. Clerk to continue trying.
  7. Administration update
    The Financial Regulations and Standing Orders have been circulated to all councillors but have now been updated. Clerk to circulate amended copies and to check Financial Regulations with NALC.

    The Code of Conduct currently in use is different to the latest version on N&SDC website. Clerk to circulate latest version

104/15 Accounts for Payment

  1. Finance Update - Clerk's Salary and Overtime
    The Clerk distributed the latest financial information and a discussion took place concerning the 2015.16 precept. Cllr Govan proposed no increase to precept, Cllr Maguire seconded, it was unanimously agreed to request £9,500 for 2015.16 precept.

    A discussion took place concerning reserves and whether councillors would like to earmark funds for a particular item of expenditure. It was proposed to earmark £2,000 for Christmas lights and lamppost infrastructure work. 5 councillors for/1 abstention. Clerk to look feasibility of lamppost works with NCC officer

    Clerk to look at cost of bespoke Christmas lights 'Merry Christmas from Kings Clipstone'

    Cllr Smyth raised a cheque for the Clerks wages for Sept/Oct/Nov including overtime for September and October. November overtime will be paid in January. The cheque was unanimously approved and signed.

105/15 Date of Next Meeting 12th January at 7.00pm

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