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Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

Forget about Brexit for a moment. You will have or be about to receive voting cards for the Neighbourhood Plan Referendum. This is the most important referendum for our village.

In the consultations with villagers going on for some years. We asked you what you wanted and distilled it into a formal document called ‘ A Neighbourhood Plan.’ (referred to as NP)

The Neighbourhood Plan itself is a 64 Page very comprehensive document. Its format and length are to enable it to pass the necessary steps for it to be put to the Referendum. We have done a precis of the main points below.

Our Neighbourhood Plan (NP) Referendum takes place on 31st January 2019. Details of how to cast your vote will be on the notice you receive.

The Referendum question is simple :-

‘Do you want Newark and Sherwood District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Kings Clipstone to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?’

You will make your own minds up about this but this is what a neighbourhood plan is all about.

A ‘Yes’ vote is voting to give Kings Clipstone residents a greater say in the future of our village. Only by a majority vote of ‘Yes’ will our N.P. be adopted. It’s your village and your future. Your vote counts.

Full details of the plan are available on our Neighbourhood Plan Page.

On Newark and Sherwood Web Site at :-www.newark-sherwooddc.gov.uk

A hard copy can be viewed at the NSDC Offices or we will loan you a hard copy of the document if you contact us via our Clerk at :-

If you do not have internet access then ring 07889 608710 Councillor Stanley and we will do our best to get a copy to you or answer your questions

The main points of the plan can be viewed Here >>>

Neighbourhood Plan

The Parish Council have now submitted the Neighbourhood Plan to Newark and Sherwood District Council. Copies of the Correspondence received from the Council are now posted on our Web site. These explain the full process and how to make your representations.

The submission plan meets the necessary requirements and therefore complies with the criteria for a neighbourhood plan. It will now be placed on deposit for a period from 29th August 2018 to 5pm on Friday 12th October 2018 during which time you can make representations. The plan, accompanying documents, SEA Re-screening Statement and Representation Form are available at the District Council Offices – Castle House, Clipstone, Ollerton and Warsop Libraries and Edwinstowe Parish Council offices during normal opening hours and also on this Councils website at: Neighbourhood Plan

Any comments you wish to make about the Kings Clipstone submission version Neighbourhood Plan, supporting documents and SEA Re-screening Statement should be made on the Representation Form and returned by email to planningpolicy@nsdc.info or by post to Castle House, Great North Road, Newark, NG24 1BY.

Following this, the plan, together with any representations received, will be submitted for independent examination. The independent examiner will consider the representations and examine whether the plan meets the ‘Basic Conditions’ and other relevant legal requirements. The independent examiner may recommend that the plan does not proceed to referendum if it does not meet these requirements or, if it does, they may recommend that it proceeds with or without modification to referendum.

Following receipt, the examiner’s report together with any recommendations the Council propose in light of it will be publicised on the Councils website. If the plan proceeds to a referendum a further 6 weeks’ notice will be given before this takes place.

To view the plan documents as submitted please click Here >>>

About The Parish

With 108 homes in the village core and another 34 in the outlying hamlets, the adult population is currently around 280. This is not a lot different to the population of 241 recorded in 1901.

History of Kings Clipstone

Kings Clipstone is recorded in the Doomsday book as Clipstone. It was Edward I who bestowed the Kingly part of its name after Parliament was held at the Palace in 1290.

The Clipstone Lordship was originally a separate area of Edwinstowe Parish. It became a parish in its own right after the development in the 1920s of Clipstone Village(New Clipstone) to house miners for the new pit. In April 2011 two new parishes were created with the more rural parts of the parish forming the new Kings Clipstone Council.

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